Communicating Student Progress

How might we communicate our students’ progress utilizing a comprehensive and balanced assessment system?

One of the goals of our  Academic Resource Research and Design Team is to create and implement tools that allow us to share student progress as they continue to develop their key executive functioning skills.

Over the next few months, we will be using tools like these to share and monitor student progress.

G5 Study Skills End of Quarter Reflection

Assignment Management

Planner Use Rubric

Binder Use Rubric

#MVMiddle Blogger Challenge Complete!  

Our Head of Middle School, Chip Houston, challenged our team to accept the Blogger Challenge!  Each team member was encouraged to cultivate their reflective practice by publishing 10 blog posts between June 6-17.

This marks my tenth blog post!  I have chosen to focus my entries around our summer learning experiences. This has proven to be a “win win” for our family…. Not only was I focussed on strengthening my reflective practice, but we were also actively participating in learning experiences (math fact fluency, games, exploring the environment, tinkering and reading). Not only has blogging become more of a daily practice, but we have also become intentional about focusing on learning experiences each day.

We plan to continue to explore, read, tinker, figure and reflect throughout the remainder of the summer!

bridge 2mathriver

Reflex Update

After 7 days of using the Reflex math fact fluency program, the boys are still pretty engaged.  It continues to be their top summer learning option of choice each morning. The program is designed to “unlock” new games, as the students use the program consecutive days (which is a great motivational tool). I love that they are getting so much math fact practice….. over 2000 problems solved this week.reflex progress


Several of our middle school faculty had the opportunity to attend a MV Middle Maker Event this afternoon. This was a great chance to get more acquainted with studio(i) and the many tools available to our students.


Each of the participants was encouraged to develop “a maker mindset” by incorporating play, purpose and passion into the learning process.

Our facilitator, Amy Wilkes, led us through the process of creating a vinyl sticker that represented someone’s passion.  It was so much fun designing this for my rising 5th grader.  I am thrilled that our students have the opportunity to design, create and develop their personal passions!

sticker arrow


Another tool we are using to improve our math fact fluency this summer is Reflex.  This learning game was recommended to me by one of our Mount Vernon parents, so I decided to give the  30 day free trial a shot!

So far my student feedback has included the following:

  • Games are fun: Ninja to the Stars and Wind Rider (As students practice, it appears that different games will become available for them to play.)
  • I like earning coins to make my dude look “swag”. (They have enjoyed playing the games to earn coins and accessorize their characters.)
  • I like having fun while I learn.  (They have actually asked to play the game without reflexmy prompting.)