Study Skills and Strategies Badging Pilot

In an effort to design and curate demonstrations of learning and evidence of understanding, our Academic Resource Research and Design Team developed the following two study skills and strategies badges.  Our badges were chosen to be part of a Grade 5 Study Skills Pilot described in Chip Houston’s, Head of Middle School, blog. The students were so excited to have the opportunity to earn one of the first badges awarded in middle school. I’m thrilled that the demonstrations of learning our Academic Resource Team, Ann Plumer, Dr. Kelli Bynum, and Jim Matthews, created in our research and design meetings were able to be put in action!  We are looking forward to seeing how the students respond to this initiative and to monitoring the growth they make as they commit to applying these strategies in their daily practice.

Taskmaster Screenshot

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.16.20 PM


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