Game Changing Google Tools for Students that Struggle with Writing

Many students experience difficulty with written expression. A child may struggle with the physical act of writing or with generating and organizing their thoughts.   While working with my son one evening, we discovered a new feature available within Google Docs called  Google Voice Typing.  My child actually squealed with glee when he discovered that he was able to “type with his voice”.  Although strengthening his keyboarding skills is a personal goal, this is a great bypass strategy  for him to use until he is proficient with keyboarding.

We often recommend that students use the SQ3R  reading strategy.  This strategy encourages students to ask themselves questions  and to summarize the information they have read. Google Voice Typing could be a great way to summarize the questions and thoughts they vocalize.

Some students may choose to take photos to supplement their note-taking. This could provide a great visual demonstration of what they have read or learned in class.   Google Photos is an awesome way to help students organize their photos in their Google Drive and easily access them later for review.


One thought on “Game Changing Google Tools for Students that Struggle with Writing

  1. I work with AT for speech to text and I am going to try this out. Dragon is also another program you may want to look into as he grows older. It is a bit pricey but it well worth the investment.

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