Our Head of Middle School, Chip Houston, has challenged us to accept the Blogger Challenge!  Each team member was encouraged to cultivate their reflective practice by publishing 10 consecutive blog posts in June.

blog challenge

Over the next 10 days, the boys and I will be reflecting on our summer learning experiences!  Mount Vernon has provided excellent summer learning resources for each division.  Our school believes that learning demands flexible and interactive spaces and students have been encouraged to explore the world around them!

We began our summer adventures by exploring Marineland, Florida, the world’s first oceanarium.  Guests are encouraged to join animals in their habitats and make physical and emotional connections that lead to a desire to protect animals and their marine environments.

 Marineland 1 Marineland 2

While visiting the Palm Coast, we were also able to take a kayak ecotour of the Matanzas Inlet.  Throughout the tour, our Florida Master Naturalist Instructors were able to share their knowledge of the eco-system by describing the plants, wildlife and water fowl. My boys loved the experience and this great opportunity to EXPLORE!

 Kayak 1 kayak 2


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