Resource for Parents Considering Educational Testing

Peggy Hendrix, the Director of Admissions at The Schenck School, has shared a wonderful resource with parents considering educational testing for their child. In her blog post titled What Psychoeducational Testing Can Reveal About Your Child’s Learning Profile, she describes the components of the evaluation process and what parents should expect to learn about their child’s learning profile.

Where should I look online to learn more about learning differences and attention concerns?

In addition to the books included on the Worth Reading page of this blog, there are two online resources that I regularly share with parents. Both Understood: for learning and attention issues and ADDitude: Strategies for ADHD & LD are designed to empower parents by providing information that helps them better understand and support their children’s learning and attention challenges.

Understood compiles great information regarding the signs and symptoms that parents and teachers might look for when identifying if a student may need to participate in educational testing. The website also provides detailed descriptions and treatment options for different types of learning challenges.

An example of an article I found particularly helpful was The 7 Types of ADD-and How to Treat each One. I felt that the slideshow shared characteristics of Attention/Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, that parents might not typically think of when identifying warning signs of the disorder.  ADDitude also does a nice job of sharing information concerning recommendations regarding diet and exercise, study tips and strategies, and information concerning alternative ADHD treatment options.

If you are not familiar with these resources already, I recommend that you check them out!